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Our History/Mission

Mission Statment

It is our belief that active members of the Credit Union are so because of their confidences in the credit union's products and people.  It shall be the mission of Tradesmen Community Credit Union to benefit all members by:  promoting thrift and encouraging regular savings; offering loans at reasonable rates of interest; providing personal, professional and confidential services to all members; maintaing long-term financial stability; and by promoting and fostering credit union ideals through education and example.

We strive to be a well managed, respected credit union to meet the changing social, economic and cultural needs of our members with integrity, prudence, intelligence, skill and diligence.

Vision Statement

Tradesmen Community Credit Union will seek to provide proven technology and provide education to our members in using the technology and our other products and services.

Value Statement

We are a personal and trusted provider of financial services!


Tradesmen Community Credit Union began in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1954 as Sheetmetal Local #45's credit union.  We continued to grow and offered ALL Des Moines area trade union members and their families membership opportunities.  Local union contractors and their office help were also eligible to join, along with people who worked in neighborhoods near our two offices.

In September of 2000, to continue our growth and maintain our competitive edge, our Board of Directors and membership voted to finalize our application for a community charter and formally change our name to Tradesmen Community Credit Union.  This important step expanded our membership eligibility to include anyone who lives or works in Central Iowa's Polk County and its seven contiguous counties.

We built our rock-solid foundation with the hard-working men and women of the local trade unions.  With our community charter, we can build on that foundation to the benefit of all our members, by adding new products and services and continuing to be the full-service financial institution our members have come to rely on.



Tradesmen Community
Credit Union
PO Box 1496
Des Moines, Iowa  50305-1496
Phone: (515) 243-8735
Toll-free: (800) 828 - 8050
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